Covid Diaries

Chapter One: A whole new world Who would have thought, a year ago, that today we would be walking around in masks; we'd need permits to be out of our houses after 9pm, international travel would be banned and that the only alcohol we'd be allowed to buy would be in the form of hand … Continue reading Covid Diaries

What is your emergency?

As a doctor working in a district hospital, I spend my night shifts (and a fair amount of day shifts) working in casualty. Another name for casualty is Emergency Department - so you would assume that I spend a lot of time handling emergencies right? Wrong. Casualty is just another word for “Glorified 24-hour Clinic” … Continue reading What is your emergency?

How to annoy the EC Doctor:

I posted a Facebook status like this a while back and I thought why not elaborate a bit in the form of a blog post? So here it is: tips on how to annoy the doctor on night shift in casualty. 1. The best way to set the tone is to not know the answer … Continue reading How to annoy the EC Doctor: