What is your emergency?

As a doctor working in a district hospital, I spend my night shifts (and a fair amount of day shifts) working in casualty. Another name for casualty is Emergency Department - so you would assume that I spend a lot of time handling emergencies right? Wrong. Casualty is just another word for “Glorified 24-hour Clinic” … Continue reading What is your emergency?

Unforgettable Patients

Just as in life, you meet people who you will never forget, the same goes for medicine. Most patients’ names and faces all blur together. Someone will greet you in the shop and you have absolutely no idea who they are until they announce loudly that you once banded their hemorrhoids. There are a few, … Continue reading Unforgettable Patients

Music to a doctor’s ears

Things the "on-call" doctor loves to hear: So I haven't posted something in a while because I've been on leave, and therefore lacking the relevant inspiration. But my first day back I was on call (on a Sunday, fantastic!). Thankfully the on-call gods were kind to me and I had a gentle start. I even … Continue reading Music to a doctor’s ears