Medicine over the Mountain

My year of community service in Oudtshoorn is drawing to a close and it has been quite an experience. Working in the periphery is a whole different ball game with its own challenges and frustrations, but also plenty of growth opportunities. I can honestly say that I would have turned out a totally different doctor … Continue reading Medicine over the Mountain

Junior Doctors

Junior doctors.  We spend our entire day caring for people, trying to save their lives.  When spend 26 hours at a time on our feet, looking after people during their illness.  When we go home after those 26 hours, our exhausted brains don’t stop thinking about the patients we saw during our shift. We continue … Continue reading Junior Doctors


I started my internship in January 2016. I was terrified. People’s actual lives were now in my hands. At the same time I was excited. This is what I had dreamt about since I was five years old and told my mom I was going to work in a “hostiple” one day. It was the … Continue reading #unemployeddoctors

There’s a first for everything… 

As expected, this year has brought me many firsts. Mostly good, some bad, all interesting. I've picked a few to share with you.  1. First time operating (not assisting): Last week I printed a surgery report with my name next to the words 'Surgeon 1'. Okay, it was a really straight forward skin graft, and … Continue reading There’s a first for everything…