Standard New Year’s Eve Reflection Post.

Things I learnt in 2016 1. The patient is always right (even when they most definitely aren't) Example: This young fool who told me he has encephalitis, forcing me to do a lumbar puncture (LP) only to tell him what I already knew - that he has flu. But alas he was still convinced he … Continue reading Standard New Year’s Eve Reflection Post.

Music to a doctor’s ears

Things the "on-call" doctor loves to hear: So I haven't posted something in a while because I've been on leave, and therefore lacking the relevant inspiration. But my first day back I was on call (on a Sunday, fantastic!). Thankfully the on-call gods were kind to me and I had a gentle start. I even … Continue reading Music to a doctor’s ears


Apparently all doctors reach a point in their careers where they question their life choices.  Apparently it happens to everyone, just at different times. Apparently it will probably happen more than once. I reached this point at 4am one morning, about a month ago, while attempting to reduce a paraphimosis (google it and thank me … Continue reading Jaded

There’s a first for everything… 

As expected, this year has brought me many firsts. Mostly good, some bad, all interesting. I've picked a few to share with you.  1. First time operating (not assisting): Last week I printed a surgery report with my name next to the words 'Surgeon 1'. Okay, it was a really straight forward skin graft, and … Continue reading There’s a first for everything… 


Things that change when you become a doctor: On the eve of my last day of work before going on leave (yay!) I have been thinking about the way my life has changed in the last 6 months. A lot has changed, mostly for the better, others maybe not... These are just a few highlights: … Continue reading Change

Panda Syndrome 

Disclaimer: this post may offend some people. But if you do find yourself offended, you should probably check yourself because in all likelihood you are a Panda, and in that case I don't care if I offend you anyway.  What is a Panda? A panda is a demanding breed of patient who thinks they deserve special … Continue reading Panda Syndrome