Dawn is still breaking

I realized something this morning. Dawn is a slow dance. A gentle thing. Measured. And just because we cannot immediately see the sun, dawn is still breaking. Even as the first light of day banishes the darkest of night, dawn is still breaking. Before we can feel the warmth of morning, dawn is still breaking. … Continue reading Dawn is still breaking

Thoughts on thoughts

My thought are always on. Always moving. Sometimes racing. Sometimes ambling. But always moving. They wander off into the past, taking left and right turns, one after the other. They stray down dark corridors. They open doors they shouldn't. Doors that say 'Do not disturb!' They find secret rooms and hidden tunnels. They go deeper … Continue reading Thoughts on thoughts


I cannot believe that it is almost the end of February already! How is that possible? Time is falling through my hands like sand, or salt water. Only yesterday we woke up to a new year. How did we get from there to here without me noticing? This makes me feel a little panicked. I … Continue reading 23.02.21


There is a light somewhere. It may not be much light but it beats the darkness.Charles Bukowski In December I wrote a post about humanity and it's brokenness. I said that I really want to believe that humans are inherently good, but the current state of the affairs is making that incredibly difficult to do … Continue reading Sunlight

Let go

Why do human beings have such difficulty letting go? Why do we cling to the last fragments of things (jobs, expectations, relationships etc) not realizing that all we are clinging to are lost dreams or broken promises. And in the meantime our hands are bleeding. We go around the rooms of our lives jamming doors … Continue reading Let go


Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.Mahatma Ghandi This year has made me question humanity. Are humans inherently good, with outside influences that corrupt us, causing us to become selfish and bitter and full of hate, or are we inherently evil, and these … Continue reading Humanity

If 1.6 million lives lost won’t convince them then what will one poem do?

I want to write a poem but I can't even think straight. I want to write a poem but I don't know where to start. Do I write about my day? My day without water or food or the chance to catch my breath (figuratively). Or do I write about my patients who cannot catch … Continue reading If 1.6 million lives lost won’t convince them then what will one poem do?

The biggest driver of this pandemic is ignorance

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.Martin Luther King, Jr It is December 2020 and our world is a mess. It feels like this whole year has been lost to this pandemic. Yet case numbers continue to rise, and people continue to believe/pretend that this virus is not real … Continue reading The biggest driver of this pandemic is ignorance

Tug of war

On Friday I spent the afternoon in a tug of war. On one side were me and my colleagues and on the other was whatever happens after you die. The Light, heaven, hell, nothing, I don't know? I just know that it was a tug of war between life and death, and life lost. In … Continue reading Tug of war

There are things I do know and there are things I don’t know

I don't know a lot of things, but I do know some. I know that the sun rises in the east and it sets in the west. I know that today it will set at 19h23. I know that it will be beautiful and I will feel it in my soul. But I don't know … Continue reading There are things I do know and there are things I don’t know