Made thin.

He is so thin, I think. Emaciated, I write. But what does that mean? "Skeletal" "Gaunt" "Shrunken" "Shrivelled". "Emaciare" is the Latin: "Made thin" I think it means if you don't look close enough you might not see him. You might not see beyond his disease. HIV, TB, malnutrition, starvation, poverty, oppression, suffering. Hopelessness. An … Continue reading Made thin.

Who I Am: A poem

I am slowly remembering who I am; That there is more to me than pain and heartbreak. I am twenty-nine years worth of memories and adventures, Of ideas and dreams and stories. I am a soft pink sunrise and a burning orange sunset. All at once. I am an ice cold mountain lake and a … Continue reading Who I Am: A poem