Who I Am: A poem

I am slowly remembering who I am;

That there is more to me than pain and heartbreak.

I am twenty-nine years worth of memories and adventures,

Of ideas and dreams and stories.

I am a soft pink sunrise and a burning orange sunset.

All at once.

I am an ice cold mountain lake and a salty ocean breeze.

I am a worn out novel filled with words and thoughts and stories,

And I am a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be filled.

I am the wheel of a mountain bike rolling freely down a gravel road.

I am a forest fern content to thrive in the cool shade,

And I am a sunflower, constantly searching for a place in the sun.

I am a clock set five minutes ahead.

I am a heavy medical text book and I am a collection of poetry.

I am a gentle deep sea swell.

And I am a tropical rainstorm.

I am every dream I have ever dreamt.

I am a tangled ball of wool,

And I am an orderly set of numbers.

I am so much more than the person you think you know.

I am a mountain peak rising wisely above the clouds,

And I am a newly-hatched fledgling, still finding her wings.

I am the dark space between the stars.

I am the full moon rising.

I am a single candle burning in the dark,

And I am the burst of sunlight on a summer morning.

I am the sum of all the people who love me.

I am the grand total of every version of me that exists in the heads of anyone I’ve ever met.

And I am so much more than that.

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